7 Steps to Selling a House for First-Time Sellers

When you’re ready to begin the process of selling a house for the first time, you’ll probably remember how much there was to learn when you were a first-time buyer and know you’ll need some tips to make sure you get the highest price possible for your home. These steps to selling a house for first-time sellers will provide you with a blueprint to follow as you navigate the home-selling process.

Seven Steps to Selling a House for First-Time Sellers

1. Determine Your Reason for Selling

Before you actually put your house up for sale, spend some time thinking about why you want to sell. It’s not an easy process to go through, and it can be expensive, so you should make sure that you’re certain about selling before you get too far in. Perhaps you have to sell because you or your spouse have been transferred for work, but if you don’t have to sell, make sure you really want to sell.

While you’re at it, contact your mortgage company to learn what your remaining balance is on your mortgage. This will tell you approximately how much equity you’ll have in your home to put toward your next home. It will also help you determine what, if any, improvements you should invest in before putting your house on the market. Ideally, you should only invest in improvements that will significantly increase the value of your home or are necessary to sell.

This is also when you should consider your time frame for moving, what the housing market in Los Angeles looks like, what other View Park properties are for sale, and how much you want to invest in pre-sale home improvements. Establish the minimum amount you’ll accept when you do list your property, and start searching for a realtor who has experience in selling homes in your area and has exceptional negotiation skills.

2. Learn About Real Estate In Your Area

Real Estate in California can be complex, and not every area sells well at all times of the year. For example, townhomes for sale in Los Angeles may sell best in spring, but houses in San Francisco may sell better in the fall. Researching your local real estate market can help you determine the best time to list your house. Real estate agents in Los Angeles will tell you that May is usually an excellent time to list your property.

However, every other homeowner knows that May is a great time for home sales in California, so it might be wise to wait until there’s less competition in your area. A local real estate agent can help you time your entry right so you can get top dollar for your property. If you don’t have to move, waiting for a seller’s market to emerge is a winning sales strategy, since there will be more buyers on the market than sellers.

3. Choose and Hire a Real Estate Agent

Hiring a real estate agent to help you sell your first house is an excellent decision, especially since the process can be so complicated. Selling a house isn’t a walk in the park for anyone, even for homeowners who have been through the process several times. As a first-time home seller, you want a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about the local market and skilled in negotiating a fair sales price. You want someone who represents your interests only.

As experts in Los Angeles properties for sale, we’ll ensure that your home-selling experience is second to none. Not only will we walk you through every step of the process, but we’ll provide you with access to all our resources to market and sell your home. When you haven’t sold a house before, you need someone you can trust to ensure your sale goes smoothly, and that you are able to accomplish your next homeownership goals. We are that agency.

4. Make Necessary Home Improvements

In the first step, we recommended that you think about the home improvements you’ll need to make to increase the value of your home. At this step, you’ll want to actually complete the home improvements you have decided are worth completing. Small improvements, such as new paint and new carpet, can really go a long way in making your home more market-ready. Making simple repairs is also recommended to improve your home’s first impression on potential buyers.

Another suggestion is to hire an inspector to walk through your property before you ever put it on the market. This will help you identify the problems you must fix and those that aren’t as necessary. Remember that few buyers are looking for a major fixer-upper. Most want a house that’s in move-in condition, even if they say they’re looking for a house they can “fix up.” They’re probably talking about minor or cosmetic repairs rather than major overhauls.

For instance, if your house needs a new roof, this is often a deal-breaker for buyers. They don’t want the hassle of having to replace the roof, especially if there are plenty of homes for sale in California that don’t need their roofs replaced. Buyers may offer significantly less than your asking price to compensate for a major repair, but in many cases, they won’t make an offer at all, particularly in a buyer’s market.

5. Price Your Home Well

This step is where we, as experienced real estate agents in Los Angeles, can really help you with your first-time home sale. We fully understand the market and can help you price your house competitively. You’ll want to have your house professionally appraised so you can determine the approximate value of your house, but to really find the sweet spot for your price, you’ll also need comparables and an aggressive pricing strategy, which we’ll design based on your sales goals.

We’ll also tour some Los Angeles properties for sale to check out the competition and learn what else you can do to improve the appeal of your own home. For example, you may want to invest in some landscaping to bolster the buyer’s impression of your house when they drive by. Or, maybe you’ll discover that you have a unique feature in your home that we can highlight on your sales flyer to make it more attractive to prospective buyers.

6. Stage Your House

Research shows that staged homes sell better than empty homes, and they definitely sell better than houses that are packed with the seller’s belongings. Now’s the time to declutter your home, remove personal items like photographs, and possibly even upgrade your furniture. We can help you determine how to showcase your home’s best features to help prospective buyers visualize themselves in your house, which is the key to winning the sale.

7. Market Your House

We’ll take care of this hurdle as well, since we are experts in marketing Los Angeles real estate. We’ll advertise across various channels, provide professional photographs of your property, write an appealing market listing, and schedule and hold showings. Marketing is our specialty, and we will take great care to get your home in front of as many prospective buyers as possible so you can sell your house as quickly as possible.

Selling your first house is exciting, but it can also produce significant anxiety as well. Contact Teresa Mack today to get the support you need throughout the entire home-selling process.