About Me

Who is Teresa Mack?

If you are on this page to learn my origin, my age or my interests you are truly on the wrong page! Good Lord, where I came from, who I was or even what I liked to do … yesterday won’t tell you much “about me” because that is in my rearview mirror. I am a forward moving machine, I learn from the past but have enough sense to know that you can’t speed forward looking at what’s behind you. Sure, I have some accomplishments that make it clear that I am intelligent, driven, educated, compassionate, creative and direct. I am an evolving entrepreneur who is talented in problem-solving, finding creative solutions, remaining human-focused in the midst of complex issues, calm and process-driven but nimble enough to go with the flow of a deal. I am well suited as an “executioner” not the kind that lobs your head off (unless that is necessary) but the kind of person that can take a bold idea and break it into workable, realistic, digestible steps that can be accomplished. Dreamers aka visionary people find me delightful because I believe in them and distracting because I am looking for a somewhat logical means to every end.

I have been Chief Operating Officer of a restaurant company, Chief Executive Officer and Top Producer in a real estate brokerage, Line Prosecutor at the federal level, an adjunct professor at a major law school, an attorney in a regional litigation firm, a Certified Public Accountant in a national accounting firm. I am currently the Managing Broker of Pacific Playa Realty, an urban luxury real estate brokerage and the largest African-American owned and operated independent boutique firm in Los Angeles.

I raised three stunning young adults, maintained a marriage for over three decades and walk with my mother more than four times a week with a smile on my face. Many people ask, “how do you do it all?” My response, “with joy” I am a “glass half full” type of person with a “it may hurt but it won’t kill me” attitude about most things. I believe in God and I pray regularly, I live a perfectly imperfect life and no one can out work me. I am relentless and I like a challenge. I am kind and compassionate but I hate excuses.

I live in Southern California and I always will but I find the world intriguing. I am always learning and I believe in change, challenge and triumph.