Selling a home is a challenging and often lengthy process. You have to figure out what the property is worth, prepare your home for viewings, produce marketing materials, hold open houses, and negotiate with buyers. Although the market is currently hot in Torrance, CA, a good real estate agent can facilitate the process and make sure you get an excellent buyer. Let’s have a look at some of the questions you can ask when hiring a real estate agent.

7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Real Estate Agent

1. How Much Experience Do You Have in Torrance, CA?

Every neighborhood has its unique perks and challenges. If you hire a realtor who just moved to LA or who hasn’t sold many properties in the area, it’s likely that they won’t know about the unique needs of sellers. What’s more, they won’t have any local contacts, and they won’t have the necessary experience with buyers looking to move to the area. Thus, they won’t know how to best negotiate with them or how to stage the home for maximum effect.

Don’t hesitate to check potential realtor websites to see whether they have been working locally for a long time. If you can’t find any information, ask the real estate agent directly. They will be able to tell you about the kinds of homes they have sold in LA and how they have adapted to recent market changes.

2. What Services Are Included?

Not every realtor offers the same kinds of services. While some just provide you with the basics, others are happy to go above and beyond. Before you hire an estate agent, ask them to explain the services they provide in detail. They might have a brochure or document that explains what they offer, or they might be able to talk you through the timeline of your sale.

Some of the tasks a good agent will help you with include putting together the listing, choosing the price of the property, marketing your home, preparing the property for viewings, and negotiating with buyers. Experienced realtors will also have contacts with other professionals in your area, so they will be able to recommend the best inspectors and contractors.

3. How Will You Help Me Market My Property?

Although there are several buyers for every seller in LA, it’s still important to market properties well. A good strategy can help you achieve or even exceed your desired price, and it might shorten the time it takes for your sale to go through. Speak to your agent about the kind of marketing they do. If they’re experienced, they might already have a list of high-quality buyers who might be interested in your home.

Additionally, they could place your listing on several online sites and use their professional contacts to find buyers. A good marketing strategy involves creating a listing that will appeal to the target audience. Therefore, your agent might be involved in the staging of your home and the design of the listing.

4. How Will You Help Me Find the Best Buyer?

As mentioned, Los Angeles properties are very popular, and you might have several buyers competing for your home, especially if your agent has marketed the property well. Selecting the right person can be very difficult. You’ll need to take into consideration the buyer’s financial situation, timeline, and interest level.

A good realtor can help you sort through the offers and find someone who won’t cause any trouble. What’s more, they can negotiate with the buyers to get you an even better price for your home.

5. What Homes Have You Sold in the Past?

There are various kinds of properties in the area, and you’ll want to select a realtor who has experience selling your type of home. For example, Teresa Mack often works with luxury condos or single-family homes. If this is the kind of property you’re selling, she’s the best person to turn to because she is aware of what a high-end buyer would expect and how much they are willing to pay.

When you first contact her, she will inspect your home and give you tips about how to stage it for photos and viewings. Then, she will put together a listing that appeals to buyers of luxury properties. After the offers start coming in, she will discuss them with you so you can accept the right one.

6. What Are the Costs?

Not all realtors charge the same fees. To avoid bad surprises, always ask about the fee structure upfront. Your estate agent will let you know what percentage they will expect and whether there are any other charges associated with the transaction.

They can help you estimate the entire cost of the sale, which might include the valuation and inspection fee, the escrow charge, the loan fee, the pest inspection fee, and the title insurance premium. On average, the closing costs in California are 11% of the property’s price, but this could vary depending on your individual situation.

7. How Long Will It Take?

In LA, many sales go through within 30 days, but it all depends on the exact location of your home, how attractive the property is, and the time of year you’re selling. Late spring and summer are considered the best times by many professionals because a lot of people are looking to move before the new school year starts.

Ask your realtor about the ideal time to sell in your neighborhood and what they will do to speed up your sale. An agent who markets properties aggressively and has an extensive network in the area is more likely to achieve a quick sale, and they will also get a better price for your home.

Hiring a real estate agent is an important first step when selling your home. Ask your realtor about their experience, the services they offer, their past successes, the costs of the transaction, and the timeline. That way, you’ll know exactly what to expect. Contact Teresa Mack now to book your initial consultation and find out more about how to best put your Torrance, CA property on the market. 

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