Are you looking for a place with a breath-taking view? perhaps, you have always dreamed of living in the heart of the metropolis? Whether you wanna live close to everything or tucked away in private…you’ll surely find the perfect home for you. 

Today is the best time for an incredible investment opportunity! Start with filling out the form and browse over the available listings!

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to this question really depends on what your goals are.  Buyers seeking to capitalize on historically low interest rates will buy now rather than later when the interest rates may climb up.  Higher interest rates make higher monthly payments and decrease the buying power of prospective purchasers. Since you live with the interest rate or monthly payment - now is an important time to capitalize on this historic advantage.

A buyer consultation will help you refine your definition of “perfect” and realign your search with your budget and needs.  Do not forgo one of these free consultations, it is an important first step for all buyers. You can call me to schedule a consultation with me or a member of my team that specializes in the area you are interested in.

In certain price points the competition is very high, but not in all price points and areas.  A good Realtor can help you strategically position your offer to get accepted even in competitive markets.  You can adjust contingencies, tell your story, align with the needs of the seller that are outside of price - all of these elements give buyers an advantage.  Having a well respected agent representing you also helps a lot.

There are fewer people out here in the market competing with you.


The interest rate is still stellar. And if you can find a house that you love in a neighbourhood that you're at a price that you can afford is probably not a bad idea to take a look at and find that house.

Remember if you have other questions, you can always reach out to me by phone:  (323) 377-9379)  You can always go to my website where I have lots of handy blogs and information for home buyers and sellers or you can find me on social media at any one of these three platforms: Facebook, Instagram or Clubhouse.


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