Some people believe that they save money by not hiring real estate agents, but this isn’t usually the case. In fact, a good agent can help you negotiate more effectively, find appropriate homes or buyers, and make the most of your financial resources. Hiring a realtor is especially important in an area such as Torrance, CA, where the real estate market is very fast-paced.  

How Much Money Can You Save With a Good Real Estate Agent?

It’s hard to tell exactly how much money you can save with a good realtor because everything depends on your individual situation. For buyers, working with an agent is a good idea because the professional can help find deals, negotiate with sellers, and analyze the home inspection. They can also share their market knowledge, so the buyer doesn’t waste their time on low-quality or overpriced homes.

For sellers, hiring a realtor is even more crucial because there is so much at stake. A good agent can help you prepare your home to increase its value by 5-10%. They will use their market knowledge to help you estimate the ideal listing price and negotiate with buyers on your behalf.

Finding Deals 

If you’re a buyer, you’ll want to make the most of your money and purchase the best house or condo you can. While you can find many properties online, it might be hard for you to tell which ones are overpriced and which ones are good value. What’s more, some homes might not be advertised publicly, and the only way you will find out about them is through a realtor who has connections in the industry.

This is especially true in an area where the real estate market is very hot. In Los Angeles, many properties are sold within 30 days or less. If you want to get a good deal, avoid bidding wars, and have the best chance of getting your dream property, hiring a realtor is your best option.

The Home Inspection

Every buyer should get a home inspection before selecting their property. A comprehensive inspection can show you whether the appliances, the foundations, the roof, the floors, and the walls of the house are in good condition.

If there is a problem, you will be aware of it, and you can either choose to look for a different home or buy the property anyway, knowing that you will have to spend more money on repairs. If you select the latter option, you should speak to your realtor because they might be able to get you a discount by negotiating with the seller.

Preparing the Home 

At the moment, sellers are at an advantage in the LA area because there are more people looking for a house than properties available. This means that many houses and condos are easy to sell. However, you should still work with an experienced realtor because they can help you prepare your home for viewings. They will walk through your home and let you know which aspects you will need to optimize before the open house.

Simple repairs such as painting the walls, replacing light bulbs, and cleaning the appliances can add a lot of value to a home. Experts estimate that you can get up to 10% more for a home that is well-maintained than one that has some cosmetic flaws. This is because many people are emotional buyers, and they will be more enthusiastic about a beautifully presented property.


Experienced realtors have excellent negotiation skills, so they can get the best deals for their clients. For buyers, this is important because the price of a home can be reduced by around 5% just with good negotiation tactics. What’s more, the likelihood of being rejected is smaller when you work with an agent because the realtor will know what kind of offer is reasonable.

For sellers, negotiation strategies are just as important. Often, accepting the initial offer isn’t ideal because you could get more for your home. However, rejecting offers too much can be risky because the buyer might withdraw. A good realtor can negotiate effectively and reduce this risk.

Market Knowledge

Unless you’ve lived in LA for many years and followed the trends in the property market, it’s unlikely that you’re optimally prepared for buying or selling your home. Teresa Mack has more than a decade of experience in property, and she will be able to help you evaluate each listing or offer and let you know whether it’s a good deal or not. She can also give you tips about when to sell or buy, since there are seasonal variations to consider.

Finding the Best Real Estate Agents in Torrance, CA

As you can see, finding a great realtor is important because they can help you make or save upwards of 10%. But how can you find someone who meets your needs? The answer is that you should start by searching for real estate agents in your local area and have a look at their website. There, you can find testimonials of previous clients, which give you more information about what it’s like to work with the estate agent.

In the “About” section of the website, the realtor should reveal something about their experience but also their personality. If you like what they’ve written, you can reach out and request a consultation. Since you’ll be working closely with them for several months, you will need to select someone who is both professional and friendly and who is able to answer all your questions clearly.

In Torrance, CA, the property market is very hot at the moment, so buying and selling homes can be tricky. Highly experienced real estate agents can help you make the most of your hard-earned money. They will find great deals, help you prepare your property, negotiate on your behalf, and share their market knowledge. Call Teresa Mack now to book your initial consultation. She will be more than happy to advise you, whether you’re a buyer or a seller.

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