In light of the current global crisis, real estate everywhere is challenged but still valuable.  The current market still involves buyers and sellers that have to move or acquire properties.  These buyers and sellers are looking for properties that offer them a good value or a great living situation.  Fortunately, California offers great weather, loads of outdoor space and a vibrant economy when we recover from the current crisis.  Though parks and beaches are temporarily closed, here is a quick summary of some great outdoor space that will re-open and likely attract residents seeking outdoor experiences.  For more on outdoor space in View Park/Windsor Hills and other urban communities – contact Teresa Mack.

1. Benedict CanyonJust to the Northwest of downtown LA and near the beautiful Franklin Canyon Park, the area between Benedict Canyon and Beverly Crest is one of the hottest spots for real estate in the golden state today. Previously part of the Rancho de las Aguas, which included Beverly Hills, the area is named for a storekeeper who took a homestead there in the late 19th century. With his family, Benedict built one of the greatest apiaries ever, at one time making a record-breaking 45,000-pound single shipment of honey.

The natural makeup of the area is quintessentially California, with oaks and grasses down lower and lupine on the higher hills. Near the creek, you’ll find ferns and sycamores, and there are a wide variety of gorgeous evergreens throughout the neighborhood, planted by many of the people who’ve called Benedict Canyon home over the years. The area also lies along the “Pacific Flyway,” a major flyway for some amazing and exotic migratory birds traveling back and forth from Patagonia to Alaska each year.

Most homes in the area are single-family and lived in by the owners, and it’s not hard to find anything from a smaller one-story unit to large luxury properties in this desirable area of LA. True to the rules for real estate California style, property in this area maintains its value long term in part because of an active local community dedicated to constantly repairing, repaving, and beautifying the area.

2. North Beverly Park

It’s not surprising, with the current emphasis on ecology and a growing realization of how important the natural world is, that North Beverly Park would be another hot spot in the Golden State. Located in the hills along Franklin Canyon, this area offers everything you could want in California property: gorgeous views and quiet retreats near spectacular natural wonders, but still an easy commute into LA.

The area was first developed as a country club and golf course by the iconic singer and movie star, Dean Martin. In the late 70’s it was developed to fulfill his idea of an idyllic community with echoes of old Beverly Hills. The larger Beverly Park community since then has been home to some notable residents, including Samuel L. Jackson, Sylvester Stallone, and Magic Johnson. This may be California’s most sought-after and exclusive, luxury destination.

3. Santa Clarita

As people learn the value of living near the big city, but not quite in it, the town of Santa Clarita to the north of Los Angeles on Interstate 5 has thrived, and the real estate sector with it. It’s the perfect spot for those seeking a respite from the hustle and bustle of LA without sacrificing convenience. Named by Spanish explorers after Saint Clare of Assisi, this gorgeous valley has become one of the golden state’s real estate hot spots.

The area has seen a lot of changes over the millennia, beginning with the first known residents, the Tataviam people, who arrived in 450AD and were replaced by other cultures in regular succession until the late 1800s. In 1842, the California gold rush officially began when Francisco Lopez found gold in the nearby Placerita Canyon, also made famous as the original backlot for Hollywood. Santa Clarita was also a key player in the oil and railroad development of the state and was incorporated in 1987.

Ranked by Money magazine as among the top 100 places to live, Santa Clarita has a warm, dry climate, gorgeous flora and fauna, and plenty of parks and hiking trails for the adventurous. Close to 70% of homes are owner-occupied, which contributes to a stable community feel that is a favorite feature among residents.

4. Claremont

Located on the eastern edge of LA county, the charming suburb of Claremont is also one of the hottest places for real estate in the area. It’s well-known for its highly-ranked colleges, including Pomona and Scripps, as well as the Carnegie Library and Bridges Hall of Music. Known for its gorgeous, tree-lined streets, this city was rated the 5th best place to live by Money magazine in 2017 and named the Best Suburb in the West by Sunset Magazine.

What makes Claremont stand apart is the unique mixture of small-town feel and the kind of sophistication you would expect to find only in much larger cities. Where the city now lies, there once stood huge citrus groves, and in memory of all that open space, Claremont and Pomona college created a 1,740-acre Wilderness Park that draws visitors from all over the state. The city is also home to spring folk music festival, a Midsummer Shakespeare Festival, and the Pie Day Festival held in mid-March each year.

Housing in Claremont is modern and suited to the climate and feel of the neighborhood. Single story homes predominate, but there are multiple story properties to be found, as well.

5. Long Beach

The city of Long Beach is one of the most populous in California, and real estate is highly sought after.  Located just 20 miles to the south of downtown LA and part of the Gateway Cities area. The Port of Long Beach is American’s second-busiest shipping port and has a thriving oil industry. Known for its many waterfront attractions, like the Aquarium of the Pacific, this area is also home to California State University.

In the late 1800s, Long Beach was home to a thriving cattle ranch and then sheep ranch, at one time hosting the Bixby Land Company.  Bixby Land kept 30,000 sheep in what is now Long Beach and played host to a thriving wool trade. The city later grew to prominence as a seaside resort, and The Pike was the West Coast’s most important seaside amusement area until 1969. Today, Long Beach is still a premier destination with neighborhoods of many different types and a highly diverse population to enjoy its ideal climate.  The Pike is now a well developed commercial/retail shopping area.

Packed with amenities, this is a great place to live, and real estate appreciation typically follows normal real estate California style rules, if not slightly better. For the best properties with gorgeous ocean views, convenience to shopping and dining, and easy commutes, the neighborhoods along E Ocean Blvd and near Alamitos Beach have some of the best real estate in the state.

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