Buying and selling a house provides unique opportunities for a real estate agent to show their skill and get their clients exactly what they want in any market. Many buyers and sellers do not know the ins and outs of real estate, but the best Los Angeles real estate agents will be by their side, helping to make the buying and purchasing process much easier. The key is finding the right agent.

Finding the right agent to help when buying or selling a house is important. Real estate in California is an exciting market to work in, but for those without the right experience, it is hard to know where to start. Some of the tips to help you pick the right real estate agent include:

1. Look at Their Listings

One way to find the right real estate agent is to look at who has listings. The more listings a particular agent has, the more likely it is that other buyers and sellers like to work with them. Experience with many clients on both sides shows that they have experience working in real estate with many clients, and that, through referrals and high-quality work, they easily get clients to come back.

2. Ask for Referrals

Word of mouth is the bread and butter of a good real estate agent. Ask other people you know who they have used to sell their homes. Ask who they used to purchase their current home if they have just moved into a new house. This can provide you with valuable information on which Los Angeles real estate agents are the best to work with.

A good question to ask is whether that trusted person would use their realtor again. If they are hesitant to agree with this, then it is time to look elsewhere. You only want to work with the best agent to make the buying and selling process easier.

3. Talk to Your Current Agent

You may have worked with a good agent in the past when purchasing a home. With situations changing though, you may find yourself moving to a new area of the country. This means you need a new real estate agent to help you. Talking to your current agent and asking if they have referrals or connections in the new area can help.

This saves time and helps you get an agent you can trust. It doesn’t hurt to ask and can save some time and hassle trying to find someone to work with when you move.

4. Look at Their Community Leadership

Many agents have a good track record providing customer service to their clients, both on the buying and selling end of real estate. This makes it hard to determine who is the best choice by numbers alone. Performance numbers are important, but how involved is the agent in their own community? The answer can speak volumes. Look for LA agents who value their community and have a vested interest in the areas they sell in.

An agent who is more invested in their community is often better at their job. They know what clients are looking for, they know more about houses coming on the market before they are listed, and they care about the community around them.

5. Check Their License 

Before you sign with an agent, check their license. You want them to not only have a license but have one that is current and valid in the state you are buying or selling in. Check the real estate department for your state to find this information so you make sure to work with someone legitimate from the start.

6. Look for Vast Experience

What you value in a real estate agent may be different than what others value in their agent. Making a list of these qualities will be important in helping you figure out which agent is the right one for you. But whatever else you consider, make sure that experience is on your list.

Any agent you choose needs to have some experience. You want someone who knows how to buy and sell homes, and who can walk you through the process. Whether it is your first time buying or selling a home or you have done it many times, an agent with experience is a must for the home buyer and home seller.

7. Look for Honesty

Along with integrity, honesty in an agent is important. An honest agent will tell you the truth, even if it isn’t what you necessarily want to hear. They will do it in a way to show where they get the information and walk you through the decision. But they won’t mislead you or let you purchase a home that isn’t right for you and your family.

Some agents just want to make a sale. They don’t care if the home fits your needs, if there is damage to the home, or if there are other concerns to watch out for. The best Los Angeles real estate agents do care and will provide you with all the necessary information to make informed decisions in real estate.

8. Look for Integrity

Pick an agent with integrity. If you can’t trust your real estate agent when buying or selling a home, this is a big red flag. The agent should have your best interests at heart. If you suspect they care more about another party, then it is time to find a new agent. The right real estate agent will act with integrity in all steps of the process.

9. Ask About Creativity

Every house is different, and sometimes you need a bit of creativity to get the work done. Maybe your home is a fixer-upper or is a bit far from some prime locations. A good real estate agent is creative enough to help find the perfect buyer who can call your house their new home. Every home has a buyer: it just may take some creative thinking to find them.

Purchasing a home can require some creativity as well. Finding the right home that meets the balance of having all your requirements while fitting into a budget requires some hard work and creativity for any real estate agent. When the agent is creative, they will find the home of your dreams in no time.

10. Seek Someone Who Uses Their Resources Effectively

Each agent has their own brokerage firm to work with, but not all agents know how to utilize the brokerage properly. The best Los Angeles real estate agents know how to take all of the resources available through their brokerage and leverage those to find you the perfect deal in real estate.

Selling a house and preparing for the housing market in Los Angeles can be tough. Finding a good agent to be on your side is important to your success. When you are ready to buy or sell your home with one of the best Los Angeles real estate agents, contact Teresa Mack and get her expertise to work on your side.

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