There are condos for sale in Los Angeles absolutely everywhere, but in a competitive market and a city where things can be vastly different from one block to another, how do you know which are the best neighborhoods for you and your family? We have the inside scoop on the very best neighborhoods to look for your next condo.

The Best Neighborhoods to Find Condos for Sale in Los Angeles

View Park-Windsor Hills

This area has its name for a specific reason: the views are not to be missed. On a clear day, you can see downtown, and there’s always a sea breeze to enjoy. When you’re finished gazing over the water or the city, look closer, and you’ll see idyllic tree-lined sidewalks and properties with distinctive architecture and manicured lawns on wide, welcoming streets.

One of the best points about this neighborhood is the location. It’s only 10 to 15 minutes drive to nearly everything, from the airport to the beach to downtown LA. Since the early 1900s, this neighborhood has offered a suburban feel within the hustle of larger LA city life, and the neighborhood has been home to some of LA’s most prominent citizens and visitors over the years. It’s a diverse and positive community you’ll be happy to live in.

Ladera Heights

Ladera Heights is a smaller suburb of LA that gets high marks for nightlife, diversity, and a family-friendly feel. Full of restaurants, parks, and coffee shops, the area tends to attract highly-educated younger families but also has plenty of young singles and retirees.

The community feel here is easy to see right from the start, and it’s known for having friendly neighbors who look out for one another. Public transportation is convenient, and you’re just a few minutes’ drive from downtown or the beach. The local elementary school is excellent. Perhaps the nicest part of this neighborhood is the way it doesn’t feel like LA while still being convenient to all the jobs and amenities of the big city. You’ll forget all about the bumper-to-bumper traffic and congestion of downtown on the safe, quiet, tree-lined streets of Ladera Heights.

Fox Hills

It’s hard to find a nicer area than Fox Hills. This well-lit neighborhood has plenty of sidewalks, well-kept properties, and friendly neighbors. It’s known for being dog-friendly, is near to good schools, and particularly comes alive with community spirit during the holidays.

Fox Hills offers an easy commute to Santa Monica, South Bay, Beverly Hills, Downtown, and even to LAX and the beach. There are plenty of grocery stores, restaurants, and public transport access points within easy walking distance from anywhere in the neighborhood, and the whole community offers an island of quiet on the west side of busy LA. This area ranks highly in terms of family-friendliness, safety, and convenience.

Playa Vista

This is one of LA’s most engaging communities. The whole area was purpose-built to make it easy to get out and about with needed a car or having to make elaborate plans for getting around. The community is full of open spaces, thoughtful architecture, parks, and easy ways to connect with the community. You’ll also find plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

The community runs a shuttle through the area throughout the day and even on-demand between 5pm and 10pm. Use it to get throughout the neighborhood or to popular nearby destinations like Venice Beach pier or Playa Del Rey. You’ll find plenty for the kids in this community, like libraries, museums, and parks.

Marina Peninsula

It’s hard to get any closer to the beach than Marina Peninsula, and if you love ocean views, sea breezes, and a secure, quiet, and beautiful community, Marina Peninsula might be for you. Since this community sits on the westernmost edge of the LA area, it’s not busy or overrun with commuters; yet it still manages to be convenient.

Three universities are within a 10-minute drive of Marina Peninsula, and it’s near some great public and private schools, including Coeur D’Alene Avenue Elementary, St. Mark’s, and Del Rey Parochial Academy. Living in this community means easy access to Venice Beach, the Venice Fishing Pier, and the Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve. It’s also just three or four minutes’ drive from the shopping locations of Marina Beach and the Strip Center at Washington Blvd.

Culver Garden

The entire Culver city area was once a key location for MGM Studios, and some of the residential areas today were back lots of the studio back in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Some of that magic still remains in this lovely little area perfectly situated to appeal to commuters. Venice Blvd connects you with the ocean in one direction and Santa Monica in the other, and it’s only a few miles from LAX. It’s even possible to get right into Hollywood without having to sit in freeway traffic.

There are plenty of shopping areas to enjoy nearby, with both high-end boutiques and upscale big box stores, so there’s truly something for everyone, especially at the nearby Westfield mall. Crime is low here since the police prioritized the safety of this area in the mid-90s and 2000s. That time also saw a general revitalization that produced a thriving art district very close on the eastern side of Culver City.


This is a smaller community located north of Melrose Avenue and south of Santa Monica Blvd, but it should not be overlooked. Despite having a healthy dose of apartment buildings among the condos and single-family homes, most apartment dwellers are as committed to remaining for life as any homeowner. It’s a small, tightly knit community that looks out for one another and keeps their neighborhood safe. Best of all, you enjoy this slice of safety and community living right in the middle of everything.

There’s almost no need for a car at all unless you want one. This community is within easy walking distance of many shops and restaurants in the West Hollywood area. The West Hollywood Park and West Hollywood Public Library are nearby. You’ll also love that this is one of the flattest neighborhoods in LA, meaning there are no steep hill climbs involved when you hoof it from one place to another. It’s a safe, comfortable neighborhood you’ll want to call home forever.

Beverly Grove

If you’re looking at condos for sale in Los Angeles and want to be at the heart of it all, then welcome to one of the trendiest, most walker-friendly neighborhoods in the city. Beverly Grove is close enough to everything in LA that you’ll truly feel like you’re living in the heart of the city, but you’ll also avoid the sea of tourists that plague other similarly central, hip neighborhoods.

Beverly Grove is full of trendy boutiques, outdoor cafes, and restaurants you’ll love to linger at on a cool evening. It’s easy to walk to the Farmer’s Market at The Grove, the LA County Museum of Art, and the Melrose Trading Post flea market. When you need to get away from the hustle and bustle, hang out at the Museum of Art’s gardens or take your spot for the Friday Night Jazz series the museum hosts outdoors throughout the year.

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