Purchasing a home is no simple task. It requires a lot of research, tons of patience, and plenty of trust. To create a positive experience, though, I recommend that you find and work with a trusted real estate professional early on. Here’s why:

Finding a Trusted Real Estate Professional

As a buyer, it’s important to speak with a trusted real estate professional early in the process. You might be thinking, “why would I do that?” In fact, many buyers would rather talk to a dentist than talk to a real estate professional before they are ready to buy. I’ve spoken to a lot of buyers in my career, and here are some of the top reasons they avoid speaking to a real estate professional early in the process:

(1)  they think it will cost them money; (2) they don’t want to be pressured into buying; (3) they just aren’t ready to get “serious” and want to window shop first; (4) they don’t know how to select a “trusted real estate professional” or who to select.

Will it Cost Money?

Real estate representation is usually FREE to buyers in California. That’s right, the seller pays for the commissions for their real estate professional and yours! So if you select a real estate professional and they agree to work with you, you then receive:

  • Free representation
  • Free professional advice
  • Free assistance in locating your home
  • Free consultation to help you decide whether or not to put an offer on a house
  • Free contract drafting
  • And so much more.


Your real estate professional will not be compensated until you close your transaction, so it’s truly in their best interest to ensure you have a positive purchasing experience and are happy with your decision. In most cases, the seller will be required to pay your real estate professional fees, not you!

I Don’t Want to be Pressured.

A good real estate professional will not pressure you into anything. Instead, they offer you important information and answer your questions honestly. Before settling on a real estate professional you may want to request a “buyer’s consultation” on the phone or in person. This consultation is free and allows you to get to know the real estate professional and their process to see if it is a good fit for you. If you’re not quite ready to buy, tell them! Believe me, we appreciate that honesty because we don’t want to spend days working for someone that isn’t interested in buying anyway.

Let your real estate professional know that you just need information but are not ready to make a decision to buy. In this case, if they pressure you, end the conversation and move on like you would in any situation. Often the fear of sales pressure is unwarranted as a real estate professional is always only looking to provide you with information, address fears or concerns, and help you make the best decision for you and your family.

I Can Do It on My Own!

You absolutely can start the search for a home on your own; however, I’ve seen far too many people drive aimlessly around to find an open house that doesn’t suit their needs or interests. By working with a real estate professional, you can get timely and more importantly, accurate, information on open houses.

If you start working with a real estate professional early on, you might find that it is easier than you think to get “serious” and you can really make the idea of home ownership a reality. Your real estate professional is your partner in this process of information gathering. A good real estate professional can help you evaluate the homes that you see, the neighborhoods that you might be considering, and help you filter through the information that you gather. They can also give you important information on the nuances of certain areas and properties, so even if you’re just getting ready to get serious, we can help.

Choosing a Trusted Real Estate Professional

Selecting a real estate professional is an important first step. You should look for ones with:

  • Experience in the area you’re interested in
  • A strong dedication to their craft and to home buyers
  • Resources and sound advice
  • Good reviews or good references
  • An ability to articulate their value to you as a buyer


Most of all, a real estate professional should be able to meet your personal “smell test” (and no, you don’t really have to smell them!). Actually though, in addition to evaluating their credentials (which are important), you should also feel comfortable with the real estate professional.

A good real estate professional is also going to decide if you are the right client for them, so it is a reciprocal process. When you select a real estate professional, if they bring up a buyer’s agreement, don’t freak out! Your relationship with your real estate professional is a business relationship and an agreement can be great for both parties. With an agreement, both your expectations and theirs are laid out ahead of time and you can work together with good communication.

If you’re ready to get started on your home buying journey, give me a call at 323-377-9379 or check me out online at TERESAMACK.com. I am happy to help answer any questions you may have!

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