Property sellers in Los Angeles, CA are faced with a wide variety of choices. One of the most important decisions is whether you should hire a real estate agent or whether selling a house without a realtor is a viable option. Almost always, it’s best to rely on a professionalz who can save you a lot of time and help you achieve the best price possible.

A good agent is experienced and has a lot of knowledge about the local area, so they can let you know the optimal price for your home and work with you to create an appealing listing. What’s more, they have a large professional network, so you may be able to access more high-quality buyers when working with your realtor. Today, we’ll have a closer look at why you should consider hiring an agent when you’re ready to sell your house or condo.

Thinking of Selling a House Without a Realtor? 7 Reasons to Change Your Mind

1. You Can Avoid Making an Emotional Sale 

For many people, selling their primary residence can be extremely emotional. You might have spent years or even decades in your home, raised your children there, spent time with your extended family and friends, and achieved important milestones. As a result, it can be hard to look at the property objectively. If you overestimate the value of the home due to your emotional attachment, you might not attract many buyers.

Similarly, many sellers who don’t work with an agent ignore offers they believe are too low, often because they are offended. This can be detrimental because the potential buyers might just be starting a negotiation. An agent can prevent you from making such mistakes. At the start of the process, they will help you set a reasonable price, and when the offers start coming in, they will handle the negotiations for you.

2. You Can Save a Lot of Time 

Selling a piece of Los Angeles real estate is a full-time job. Because the market is extremely hot at the moment, you’ll have to show people around the building multiple times, deal with numerous inquiries, communicate with potential buyers, and negotiate with those who make an offer. Additionally, you’ll have to manage the listing and make sure your house is in top condition, so it looks appealing during viewings.

If you have a full-time job, a business to run, or a family to take care of, it’s very likely that you’ll get overwhelmed by the process. You won’t have the time to optimize your listing and follow up with every buyer if you can’t dedicate yourself entirely to selling your home, and you might have to accept a subpar offer as a result. Your agent can save you a lot of time and take the stress out of your home sale.

3. You Can Be Sure Your House Is Ready 

Most houses for sale have been lived in, so they need some updating. Although cosmetic changes such as replacing light bulbs and applying a new coat of paint don’t add a lot of value to a home, they can influence the impression the property makes and therefore significantly increase the sale price. People who sell on their own often forget about this step, or they don’t realize the importance of showing the property in its best light.

Your real estate agent has seen countless properties, and they know which ones have been most successful. Thus, they can let you know which changes are most important. For instance, they will discuss with you how to make the front yard and facade as appealing as possible, since this is the first thing buyers will see.

4. You’ll Have Better Marketing Materials 

When selling a house without a realtor, you have to prepare all of your own marketing materials and choose where to advertise your property. This includes taking high-quality pictures, creating a listing title and description that speaks to potential buyers, and including all the information that could increase the chances of a sale. In many cases, listings by homeowners aren’t as professional as those created by an agent.
The realtor knows exactly what buyers like to see, and they can tailor the marketing materials to this. What’s more, most agencies have a standard listing format that allows potential buyers to compare properties more easily. A high-quality listing that is prominently displayed in an agency’s window or on their website can improve your chances and allow you to receive more offers.

5. You’ll Have Access to a Much Larger Network

In addition to creating your marketing materials for you, your realtor will also present them to their entire network. It is highly likely that they already have the contact details of some interested buyers. 

What’s more, good agents are connected to other professionals in their field who could help, and they will promote your home on a variety of platforms. For these reasons, you’re much more likely to quickly find a suitable buyer when working with an agent than if you attempt to sell on your own.

6. You Won’t Have to Deal with the Paperwork

There is an immense amount of paperwork to deal with when selling a home in California. You’ll have to arrange an inspection, disclose potential hazards, order a title report, and review all the inspection reports. This can be a hassle and take a lot of time. 
When you work with an agent, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues because they can handle the majority of the paperwork. Additionally, you’ll be sure that everything has been done properly and that you aren’t putting yourself at risk. 

7. Your Agent Can Handle Price Negotiations

As mentioned, the real estate market is extremely hot in California at the moment. Many homes sell within 30 days and over the asking price. This means that you’re likely to receive a high number of offers. You’ll need to communicate with each buyer and potentially negotiate a better price. Since most people aren’t trained negotiators, they don’t know how to deal with this step of the process, and they might feel uncomfortable with it. 
In contrast, your agent has the skills and knowledge necessary to communicate effectively with potential buyers and convince them to offer you a fair price. They can judge when to push harder and when to back off, so you receive the best outcome possible. Working with a skilled negotiator can increase your final sale price significantly. 

If you have a limited budget and would like to save money on fees, you might wonder if selling a house without a realtor is a good idea. Unfortunately, most people who choose this path lose out because they make an emotional sale, don’t have access to the highest-quality buyers, or fail to optimize their marketing materials. Working with a professional has many benefits, especially if you choose someone who has extensive experience in the local market.

Teresa Mack is the perfect choice because she has been operating in the Los Angeles area for 15 years. With her help, you can design a listing that is sure to attract a high number of buyers. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about the paperwork or price negotiations. Call Teresa Mack now to book your first meeting and find out how much you can expect for your home.

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