If you’re seeking a home in the Los Angeles area, you know that this vibrant city offers numerous benefits to property and homeowners. However, it can be difficult to find the perfect piece of real estate, and many people aren’t sure how much their dream home should cost based on property values and real estate trends. A professional realtor like Teresa Mack can help you find and purchase Los Angeles real estate at an expertly negotiated price.

What Can I Expect to Spend for Los Angeles Real Estate? 

It’s no secret that Los Angeles is among the fastest-developing cities in the world. Real estate in the city is highly valuable, and many property owners who bought homes 10, 20, or 30 years ago are finding that they can sell their houses for far more than they originally paid. However, new buyers may be intimidated by the volatile market and climbing prices of Los Angeles real estate.

In general, the median value of a single-family house or condo in Los Angeles is $760,000-$770,000. Many homes are priced in or near this range, but LA also boasts hundreds of homes valued over $1 million. There are also a good number of homes below the median value, and as the Los Angeles real estate market continues to develop, these properties are projected to only increase in value.

In 2019, property and home values increased by approximately 7%, and they are expected to rise another 6% over the next year. While these values may change, there’s no doubt that properties in LA are among the most valuable in the world. If you’re ready to find your perfect home or business location in this city, it’s essential to have an experienced realtor like Teresa Mack by your side to protect your investment and guarantee the best price.

Is There a Property That’s the Right Price for Me? 

Some potential buyers feel like they won’t be able to find their perfect home at a perfect price. While the prices you see may be shocking at first, it’s important to know that a good realtor is crucial to both finding you a good price and negotiating to make that price even better. Once you provide your budget and your list of goals for your future home, a realtor works tirelessly to find properties that fit both your dreams and your budget.

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to find affordable Los Angeles real estate for every budget with the right realtor. You can rest assured that your carefully curated list of requirements and price points for your new home will be your realtor’s map to a perfect property. Even if you have a limited budget, a skilled realtor will provide you with creative options for making your dreams come true in Los Angeles.

What Could Impact the Price of Real Estate? 


Location is the key indicator of property value, and Los Angeles is no exception. The city of 4 million people is over 500 square miles, and the notorious 405 freeway sees millions of residents commuting to various parts of the city and state per year. Potential home buyers should carefully consider what they need from their home in terms of location to ensure that they find the property that’s right for them.

Due to its lucrative real estate market, Los Angeles has many established neighborhoods where home prices are consistently priced over $1 million. However, there are also developing neighborhoods that offer an attractive location as the surrounding area welcomes new businesses and property owners. A realtor can narrow your pool of possible properties by taking your ideal location into account during their search.

For some homebuyers, a home in the area surrounding Los Angeles is a better fit than a property in the city itself. Generally, property prices in the suburbs are slightly lower. These homes may also come with added bonuses like more outdoor space and easier travel to nearby beaches and parks. A realtor like Teresa Mack can offer expertise on properties in and out of the city, ultimately finding you both an ideal location and a great price.


Similar to location, the neighborhood in which your future home is located has huge implications for its estimated value. You’ll want to consider your needs in terms of schools, local businesses and stores, walking and driving routes, noise, neighbors, and safety when you search for your new home. Your realtor can help you understand how the neighborhood you choose factors into the final price you pay for your home.


You and your family need a certain amount of space to live and thrive in Los Angeles, and this important requirement could impact the value of your future home. If you need fewer bedrooms and a smaller space, a realtor can help you find modern condos or small houses that fit your price needs. These properties may cost less than larger homes in the LA area, but offer you less room to grow in your chosen location.

In some cases, homebuyers choose to purchase a smaller property and expand as needed over the years. If this is your goal, a realtor can help you find properties that are ideally suited for expansion at a significantly lower price than larger properties in the same location. This is an excellent option for single buyers or small families who plan to build onto their homes in the future and can help save you money in the long run. 

Renovations and Amenities 

Every home improvement project helps boost property value, and homes with a new roof, updated appliances, or other renovations may be priced differently than a home without these key features. In addition, amenities like a swimming pool can add value to a property, especially in states like California. It’s important to consider what you want in your ideal home as you work with your realtor to find the perfect fit. 


While the value of a property is a largely objective number, a good real estate agent can impact the final price you pay for your home. Purchasing a home without a realtor makes you vulnerable to spending far more money. Beyond being the best person to find homes that match your requirements and budget, a realtor is an expert negotiator who can work with sellers and other realtors to agree upon a selling price that is lower than the original asking price.  

With a Los Angeles realtor like Teresa Mack, you can find houses within your budget and buy with confidence after your realtor helps you evaluate the overall value and potential of the property you choose.

Find the Best Real Estate in Los Angeles With Teresa Mack! 

Los Angeles real estate is an ever-changing market, but with Teresa Mack, you can buy with confidence. The market continues to grow and property values increase quickly, so now is the time to start looking for a home that meets your needs. Contact Teresa Mack and learn how Los Angeles’ top real estate agent can help you find a perfectly priced home.

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