Are you selling a house in Torrance, CA? If so, you should speak to your real estate agent about the best time to put it on the market. Traditionally, the spring months are the most advantageous, but every season has its benefits, and you should consider your individual situation before making a decision. Let’s have a closer look at what you can expect when you put your home on the market in spring, summer, autumn, or winter.

Selling a House in Torrance, CA: What Time of Year Is Best?

Since we’re experiencing a prolonged seller’s market in California, you can make a good sale at any time of year. However, the timing of your sale can affect the outcome, and it can either speed up or slow down your sale. In spring and early summer, you can expect the highest volume of buyers, but there are also a lot of competing listings.

This is great for people who want to get the most out of their home, but it might not be a good time for those who want to avoid the stress of a bidding war. The wetter seasons, autumn and winter, could be more suitable for those sellers. When you meet with your real estate agent, you can discuss your situation and preferences and then decide on the optimal time of year.


If you want to make a quick sale, late spring could be your best option because it’s the start of the dry season, and people may be more willing to spend the time looking for a house than during the autumn and winter. In April and May, your home might only be on the market for 30-40 days before you sell, which is better than average.

You can also expect to get more for your house than you would in the wetter seasons, although you won’t get as much as during the summer. Since most people want to move in the fall, they are not yet in a rush to purchase in spring, so they aren’t willing to pay such a high premium. Another thing to remember is that there will be a lot of listings during this season, so you might compete for buyers, and the sale could be more stressful.


By June and July, many people are ready to make their purchase, since they’ll want to be moved in by the end of August. If you put your home on the market at this time, the sale might take slightly longer than in the spring, but you’re also likely to get more money for your property. This is because those buyers who haven’t found a home yet are getting more desperate, and they will therefore pay a higher price.

Because summer is typically dry and warm in LA, it’s a pleasant time for people to move. Therefore, even those who don’t have children starting school in September are likely to choose this season for their home purchase. As the summer goes on, sales slow down, since many people are on vacation at the end of July and in August. However, this could be a good time for people who don’t want the stress of a peak time sale.


In fall, you might get slightly less for your home, but there are still plenty of people ready to make their move. If you want to sell your home to a quality buyer but you don’t want to deal with a bidding war, you should consider putting your property on the market in September, October, or November. Another reason why a fall sale can be good is that there will be fewer properties on the market, so your home is more likely to get noticed.


Typically, winter is a slow time for real estate because it’s wet and colder than during the other seasons, so people are less tempted to move. Another reason why many avoid a winter sale is that the Christmas holidays are just around the corner, so families are often distracted or out of town. Despite this, selling in the winter could be good because you’ll be competing with very few other sellers.

If you choose to put your property on the market in December, January, or February, you should speak to your real estate agent about the best strategies. They can help you prepare your home for viewings and make sure that all the best features stand out. What’s more, they can advertise your home in various locations, which increases your chances of finding a suitable buyer.

Other Factors to Consider 

The time of year isn’t the only factor you’ll need to consider when it comes to selling your home. It’s important to remember that the quality of your property can influence the price you get for it. Simple repairs like fixing broken light bulbs, painting old walls, and repairing cracks in the ceiling can add up to 10% to the value of your house.

Before you take pictures for your listing or invite the first potential buyers to a viewing, speak to your real estate agent about the quality of your home and how you could optimize it. The realtor can not only show you what you need to do, but they can also refer you to professionals who will help you complete the necessary repairs.

Getting Started with a Realtor 

You should speak to a realtor as soon as possible, even if the preferred season for your sale is still several months away. Even the best real estate agents need some time to get to know you and your property and to prepare the listing. To get started, book an initial consultation, during which you can discuss what you hope to get out of your sale. You can also speak to your realtor about whether you would like to buy a new property with your proceeds.

Selling a house in Torrance, CA shouldn’t be too challenging because the area is very popular with a variety of people. Although you can find a good buyer at any time of year, you should put your home on the market in spring or early summer if you want to get the most money possible. Get in touch with Teresa Mack and speak to her about your upcoming sale. She will be more than happy to guide you through the process and help you optimize your listing.

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