View Park/Windsor Hills is one of the best LA neighborhoods to raise your family. Centrally located to get to downtown, this City of Angel’s hidden gem is safe and quiet, but definitely not boring. With an average home price of $1 million, View Park/Windsor Hills has a lot to offer and will delight any resident.

How Do You Get There?

View Park/Windsor Hills is located in the southeast portion of West Los Angeles. You’ll get there if you drive south from Culver City or if you head to the area situated between Baldwin Hills and Park Mesa Heights.

A combination of two areas, both View Park and Windsor Hills are on the same hill—View Park comprises the north portion of the neighborhood whereas Windsor Hills is south of a major thoroughfare called Northridge.

Characteristics of the Neighborhood

Primarily residential, View Park/Windsor Hills is home to tall palm trees, stunning views, and middle-income professionals seeking an established neighborhood to call home.

When it comes to architecture, the gorgeous mansions throughout the area feature a mix of Spanish Colonial and Mediterranean styles that are truly mesmerizing. Residents are well-known for their strong sense of community pride and their diligent attention to their home’s curb appeal.

If you go for a stroll around the area (and you should!), be prepared to be amazed by views of majestic lawns and gardens while you enjoy the neighborhood.

Main Attractions

There are a few malls close to the neighborhood, like Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Mall and Ladera Center. If you’re a foodie, you’ll be happy to know that the food scene in View Park/Windsor Hills is very diverse, with excellent restaurants and cafes to indulge in a delicious meal. Walking trails and parks are perfect for happy family moments on weekends. Events featuring jazz in the park and garden tours will offer you a great time, too!

From the stunning streets to exciting events, View Park/Windsor will make you feel welcome at all times. If you’re interested in the properties in the area, you can reach out to Teresa Mack at Pacific Playa Realty through our website or by calling 310-256-3040.

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