Your realtor can be the best friend you have in your hunt for your dream home, or they can make the whole process that much more frustrating. Do you need a new realtor?

9 Signs You Should Get Another Real Estate Agent

All They Ever Say Is “Be Patient”

You do need some patience in the process of selling your home, but if all your realtor can do is put you off, it might be time to get a new realtor. There may be legitimate reasos that a home is either not selling or not selling as quickly as the seller or the real estate agent may expect.  However, waiting without action and analysis is not a good idea.  Patience should not be to the exclusion of persistence in the selling of your home.  Make sure your real estate agent is being aggressive and that they are providing you with good input on their marketing.  

Your Open Houses Are a Waste of Time

Open houses may be a great way to get a home sold.   Technology provides the consumer with a sneak-peak at your property and then they want to see it in person.  Open houses offer a no hassle, no pressure environment for a buyer to see, feel and investigate a property.  Done well open houses work!  However, I am always shocked to see how many real estate agents don’t know how to “sell” a home when they have a buyer right in front of them.  Instead of doing their job at the open house, they open the door, hand out a flyer and have people sign in – THAT IS NOT AN EFFECTIVE OPEN HOUSE. The problem may not be open houses but lack of skill in the hosting of an open house.

They Are Not Creative, Proactive and Communicative

Your Realtor should always be thinking ahead of the process and they should be ready to think “outside of the box.”  Now hold your horses, this doesn’t mean that every hairbrain idea that you read about, hear about or Google is a good idea, but some homes need alternative means of marketing.

They Don’t Make Deadlines

Timing can be everything in the world of real estate. Offers have to be accepted within tight deadlines on occasion. Sometimes there’s an urgent request for a showing. If your real estate agent isn’t flexible, easy to reach, and committed to helping you accomplish your goals, it’s time for a new realtor.

Other Houses in Your Area Are Selling Just Fine

Sometimes there’s a good reason why a certain property may take a bit longer to sell. If it’s larger than the average house on the block, or a bit smaller, it may not be attracting the same attention as everything else on the street. But in most cases, if the other houses in your neighborhood have all sold and you’re still waiting, it’s probably time for a new realtor.

You Only Hear From Them When It’s Time to Renew a Listing

You need a realtor who is working on your case regularly; someone who is making a proactive effort to get your property sold. If you find your realtor hard to get a hold of unless it’s time to renew your listing agreement, that’s a sure sign they’re not really paying attention to your needs.  I communicate with clients at least every 10 days whether there is something to report or not.  Your home is often your largest financial asset and you deserve to know what is going on at all times.

Your Agent Doesn’t Listen

Real estate agents, by definition, have to be good at explaining the upsides of a property and remaining cheerful through tough negotiations. That doesn’t mean a good agent doesn’t listen, and if your agent isn’t paying attention when you talk about your needs or ask questions, it’s time for a new realtor.

They Can’t Give You Specific Information

If all you’re ever getting out of your realtor is generalities, it might be time to move on. A knowledgeable realtor knows exactly what they’re doing, has a specific familiarity with the neighborhood, knows property values and market trends off the top of their head, and is ready to leverage all that knowledge on your behalf.

They Make You Uncomfortable

Sometimes it’s as simple as this: you just don’t feel comfortable working with someone. Whether that’s because you feel they’re dismissing you in favor of other clients or because you get an aggressive or selfish vibe out of them, it’s always a good idea to go with your gut.

Do You Need a New Realtor?

Once your agreement with your real estate agent and their broker expires or if you are approaching the end and want a change, get in touch with Teresa Mack today and start working with a realtor who brings the experience and commitment you need to get your property sold quickly.

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