Are you ready to sell your home? It’s tempting to think that selling is easier than buying. After all, when you’re buying you have to visit properties to find the one you want. When you sell, all you need to do is sit back and wait for the buyers to flock to your home, right? Wrong. Here are four myths about selling a house without a realtor that show just how important it is to have the right professional on your side.

Myth #1: It’s Easy to Find Out What Your Home Is Worth

Not only did you put money into buying your home initially: you’ve also been putting money into it ever since. You’ve put some work into it, too Your home is intensely personal and reflects you and your family. That’s a wonderful thing, but it also means you might not be the best person to decide what it’s worth.

Homeowners almost always overprice their property because of the emotions that go with it, making it a gamble to try selling a house without a realtor. If you overprice the property, you won’t attract enough buyers. As time passes, you’ll may start to feel frustrated, and, in the end, even underprice just to get rid of it!

A great realtor has access to all the relevant data to price your home at its true value. A realtor knows the neighborhood, the value of similar properties, and the market and can leverage all this information to your advantage.

Myth #2: You Have to Make Huge Upgrades Before You Sell

You may have heard from other people that the smart way to sell a house is to make some big changes to it. But before you gut the kitchen and spend $10,000 on new landscaping, let’s examine this myth.

The reality is that small things can make a big difference. Instead of gutting the whole kitchen, you might just need to get some new counters. A little landscaping you can do yourself might be enough to attract lots of buyers. If you do too much, you risk alienating people with different tastes.

A realtor can tell you how your home compares to others on the market so you have a realistic view of how to make your property the most desirable one in the area.

Myth #3: You Can Sell Your Home However It Looks

This myth is the opposite to the one already covered. Technically, you can probably find some investor somewhere who might be willing to buy your home as-is: for a lot less than your current asking price.

If you want to actually attract quality buyers willing to spend what your home is truly worth, you probably need to make some changes. They might not need to be drastic, but you need an objective eye to see what you’ve overlooked.

That’s where a realtor comes in. A great realtor can give you an honest evaluation of what improvements will make a real difference.

Myth #4: Everything Will Be Fine if You Just Sell in Spring

This is a long enduring myth: spring (and sometimes summer) are the best times to sell. The problem is, this old myth is based on past realities and Northern markets. Unless your property is in Maine or Wisconsin, the old myth doesn’t hold water anymore.

Now, the market is hot whenever it’s hot! Hot selling seasons can come at any time, and sometimes you’re even more likely to get the price you want if you sell during less usual times when buyers really need to make a quick decision.

Again, the key is having a realtor’s advice. A realtor knows the local market, knows what buyers are looking for, and knows how to help you find the best time to get the best price for your home.

Selling a House Without a Realtor

Working without a realtor is risky, but a call to Teresa Mack at Pacific Playa Realty will give you peace of mind. Teresa will help you find out what your property is really worth, what you can do to attract the most buyers, and the best time to get the best price.

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