Are you selling a house quickly and hoping to get the best price for it? It can be tricky to sell fast without spending too much, but it is possible. You just need some expert advice.

Get Staging Before You List

Don’t wait until after you’ve listed your home to start preparing it for potential buyers. While you may be able to make it beautiful before people actually start showing up in person, you want to attract those people in the first place! You do that with photos of curb appeal and that showcase great interiors without clutter and with plenty of light. Those photos need to go up with your listing to attract plenty of buyers.

Get Rid of the Clutter

No one will be able to see themselves living in your property if it’s completely full of your stuff. Clutter is distracting and displeasing. A neat environment will pull buyers in and give them the freedom to imagine it as their space.

As you de-clutter, pay special attention to the worst offender spaces, like counters in the kitchen, tabletops, mantels, and shelves. While you’re de-cluttering, don’t forget the closets and the outdoors. Prioritize removing personal items like photos and knickknacks and making it look like a neutral space. Buyers can’t see themselves in the home if they’re distracted by too much “you” in it.

Use the Outside to Improve the Inside

If you have blooming flowers, bring a few in to freshen the place up before you start taking pictures and while prospective buyers come by. You don’t need fancy vases for this. Sometimes a well-placed Mason jar can give a rustic or vintage feel that people will love more than the most beautiful cut-glass vase.

If you don’t have fresh flowers, or in addition to them, consider a bowl of fresh fruit or vegetables. Put this on the kitchen counter or the dining room table to fill the space with an inviting and healthy vibe.

Think Like a Buyer

If you’re selling a house quickly, chances are you’re interested in buying somewhere else. Think about what you’ll be looking for as you do. Put yourself in a buyer’s shoes and try to objectively look at your existing property from that angle.

How would you feel, as a buyer, if you saw that mold around the window? If that bathroom grout is dingy, does it make you want to buy? Are you turned off when you pull up to a yard that hasn’t been mowed and trimmed in a while? Thinking like a buyer can be something as simple as just remembering to open up all the window treatments to let in as much light as possible. No one wants to live in a dark place!

Set Deadlines

As you invite offers on your home, make it clear you’ll only accept offers until a certain date. This creates a sense of urgency that home buyers will respond to. No one likes to think they’re missing out on a deal. You don’t have to say why you have a deadline, and probably shouldn’t, but having a deadline will invite a quick response from anyone who is falling in love with your space.

Offer Some Incentives

If your goal is to sell quickly, throwing in a few incentives can sweeten the deal and make buyers more willing to act quickly. These incentives can be something as simple as leaving a refrigerator or a lawn mower. Make your incentive contingent on receiving a full-price offer by the date you’ve laid down.

Get Expert Help Selling a House Quickly

The best way to make sure your home sells quickly for the price you want is to work with a real estate expert who knows the market. Contact Teresa Mack today and get a professional on your side. She can help you close the deal quickly so you can focus on your future.

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