If you’re looking to sell your old home and buy a new one in California, there are many considerations you should take into account. One of the biggest is the time it will take you to sell, as this will affect when you start looking for a new place and when you’ll actually get to move. Although the market shifts incredibly fast and is advantageous for sellers, there are many factors that determine the time it takes for a piece of California real estate to be sold.

Over the months, the local real estate market changes, so it might be advisable to speak to a professional about current trends and what you can expect. Additionally, your home’s location, its size, and the potential for remodeling and expansions will all have to be taken into consideration. Your real estate agent will be able to help you present and market your home, so it stands out and is more likely to attract high-quality buyers.

How Long Does Selling a House in California Take?

As a seller, you’re hoping to shift your property as quickly as possible, but while some houses only take a few days to find a buyer, others stay on the market for many months. So, what can you expect? In California, the average time to sell a house is 77 days in 2021, which amounts to two and a half months. The average sale price is more than $1.5 million, in stark contrast to the US average of $700,000. Thus, you are likely to have a very valuable asset if you own real estate in this area, and you’ll be able to sell it very quickly.

Not every time of the year is equally good for home sales, so it can pay off to choose a suitable month. In general, the spring and summer are best because people are eager to move either before or during the summer holidays. That way, their children can start school at a new place, and they can get settled in before that time. For this reason, you should plan to put your home on the market in April or May if you’re looking for a speedy sale. On the other hand, September is usually a very slow month, which means that the selling process could be more relaxed, but it will also be slower.

Your Home’s Location

In most areas of Los Angeles and California, there is a shortage of housing, which means that it should be easy for you to sell your property. However, location is key when it comes to attracting good buyers, and some areas are more desirable than others. For example, many people enjoy neighborhoods such as Park View, which are considered affluent yet not unaffordable.

Such areas are close to LA’s urban attractions, yet far away enough that they feel quiet and peaceful. What’s more, they attract local, independent shops and markets, so residents can enjoy having everything they need at their fingertips. If you own a home in such an ideal location, you won’t have any trouble selling it quickly.

Your Home’s Size and Potential 

Although it’s not the top factor, the size of your house does make a difference when it comes to selling it. If your house or condo is too small and feels cramped, you may have trouble finding buyers. However, a property that is too large will also attract fewer people since it needs more upkeep and is generally much more expensive. Because real estate in California is already pricey, many buyers are opting for a small to medium-sized home that fits their needs but doesn’t break the bank.

Another major consideration is whether there is any potential to renovate or expand the property. Many buyers want to make their new home their own once they move in, so they’ll be looking to add and alter features. If you already have planning permission for an extension, you’re likely to sell your home more easily, even if the structure isn’t yet built. Similarly, if buyers can clearly see that there is a lot of potential for alterations and that the home can be adapted without much hassle, they will be more likely to purchase.

How Well You’ve Presented Your Home

A “home with potential” doesn’t mean a neglected home, and pieces of California real estate that aren’t taken care of are much less likely to sell quickly and for a good price. For this reason, you should always take the time to present your home in the best light possible. Paint the walls that are no longer pristine, put your belongings away so they don’t create clutter or detract from the house’s structures, and complete all those little fixes you’ve been putting off. When selling a house, even the outside areas of the property should look pristine, so hiring a gardener for a few hours might be advisable.

If you’re not sure how to achieve the best look, you can ask your real estate agent. They can tell you how to arrange everything and which areas of the home still need some attention. What’s more, they can also help you with taking photos and putting together a compelling listing. This aspect of the sale process is often neglected, but a great listing can make all the difference. From the professional pictures to the compelling copy, your listing should be designed carefully to attract the right kind of buyer.

Your Real Estate Agent’s Efforts

Although some people decide to market and sell their homes on their own, the results are often inferior. Indeed, choosing a great real estate agent can make the difference between getting an average outcome and selling your house quickly and at the best price possible. To make sure you do well, choose someone local to the area who has been working in luxury real estate for some years. Such a professional will know the market inside out, and they can best assist you throughout the process.

In addition to having the necessary expertise, they will also have relevant contacts that can help you make a sale more easily. For example, your agent might know of professional organizations where they can post your listing, so it gets more attention. They also might already have a buyer in mind, since people often contact agents when they are looking to purchase property. What’s more, your agent has the contact details of people who can help you get your property ready, such as contractors and electricians. If you need to do some last-minute repairs before you’re ready to sell, your realtor is the person to call.

Selling a house in Los Angeles is easy because it is currently a seller’s market, and there are many high-quality buyers ready to snap up properties that come on the market. However, the time it takes for your home to sell will depend not only on the current California real estate market conditions but also on your home’s individual characteristics and how well you’ve presented and marketed it.

A highly experienced real estate agent can help you to show off your property so that it stands out among the rest. What’s more, they will have contacts in the industry and ways of getting the word out that you don’t have on your own. Contact Teresa Mack today to find out how she can help you with your sale. With over 15 years of experience, Teresa has all the necessary skills and knowledge to help you succeed.

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