In Los Angeles, there are many different excellent neighborhoods to choose from, but one of the most underrated options is View Park. This quiet residential area boasts amazing vistas, great amenities, easy access to the city and other key locations, and a low population density. What’s more, View Park real estate is more affordable than housing in other, similarly affluent neighborhoods.

Historically, most of the residents are owners and remain in the area for a long time, which is why there wasn’t much turnover in the past. Now, the older generation is vacating their homes, and the community is becoming more and more diverse in terms of age and race. As young people discover everything View Park has to offer, they are deciding to settle down and raise their families in this safe, quiet area.

Why Buy View Park Real Estate? 6 Reasons to Love the Neighborhood

1. Great Views and Location 

As the name suggests, View Park has amazing views over downtown Los Angeles, which is why it is so popular with many affluent professionals and families. A great number of the homes, often Mediterranean-style of Spanish colonial, overlook the city and feature spacious gardens with palm trees. In addition to the amazing vistas and the mild climate, residents also benefit from easy access to popular destinations, whether they need to get to the city for work or they are looking for exciting nightlife possibilities. 

If you own a car, you’ll be in town in no time. Depending on the traffic conditions, it may take you between 25 and 45 minutes to reach downtown LA, which is only 9.2 miles away. Santa Monica and Century City are similarly accessible, and if you need to go to Burbank, which is 19.5 miles away, you might be on the road for 35-65 minutes. People with no access to a vehicle can take public transport, which is more developed than in other areas of the city. Even without a car, you’ll be able to reach downtown LA in under one hour.

2. Safe and Quiet Neighborhood 

As mentioned, many of the people in View Park are professionals and families, and because of its convenient location and the beauty of the neighborhood, most of the residents are reasonably affluent. For this reason, you can expect the area to be safe and quiet. Because of its beauty and the fact that many of the older Spanish colonial and mid-century homes are still standing, it has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 
Despite this, real estate professionals believe that View Park is still underrated, particularly because it is not as well-known as some of the other neighborhoods. The reason why it has remained a hidden gem for so long is that many of the people who purchased their homes decades ago are still living there, so the turnover has historically been low. Now that the older generation has started to move on, younger people are discovering all that the area has to offer. 

3. Great Amenities

When moving to a new location you don’t know very well, it’s important to consider what you’ll be able to do there. Commuting is one of the most time-consuming activities in modern life, so having easy access to free-time activities is key. Fortunately, View Park offers families and younger professionals everything they might want, so they can spend their leisure time in the local area. There are 11 restaurants, 26 shops, and 9 options when it comes to staying fit, as well as a number of outdoor recreational areas.

Particularly notable is the national park, Kenneth Hahn, which is located nearby and offers residents a Japanese garden, play areas, picnic spots, a stocked lake for fishing, hiking or walking trails, dog parks, and several sports courts. With such great options for the whole family, you’ll never be stuck for something to do at the weekend. What’s more, the fact that downtown LA is easily accessible by public transport makes it easier to get to all kinds of events and locales, from nightclubs to art exhibitions.

4. The Population Density Is Low 

One of the biggest problems of living in a city is a high population density. This comes with a variety of issues, such as increased noise and light pollution, a higher rate of unemployment and poverty, and increased environmental degradation. When you move to View Park, you’ll be able to benefit from one of the lowest densities in southern LA. 
The affluent yet down-to-earth community is small, since the area is only 1.84 square miles in size, so you’ll feel like you’re living in a town and not in a large metropolis. This atmosphere is further supported by the fact that most people own their home in the area and are therefore likely to stay for a long time. When you’ve settled into a routine, you’ll start seeing familiar faces all over your neighborhood, and it’ll be easy to find like-minded people to make friends with. 

5. It’s More Affordable than Other Luxury Locations 

Beverly Hills is one of the most desirable and affluent areas in LA, but unfortunately, this has made it inaccessible to many people. If you’re looking for a similar vibe but with a more reasonable price tag, you should consider purchasing some View Park real estate. The moderately high prices tend to attract doctors, lawyers, and other professionals, but the size of the housing options varies, which makes the neighborhood more diverse than some others. For example, you might encounter young families in one or two-bedroom starter homes as well as larger or more affluent families in million-dollar mansions. 
Although View Park less expensive than some other locations, you won’t find it cheap, since the median price of a home is over $1 million, and renters can expect to pay upwards of $2,000 per month for their property. But for the location and the amount of value you’ll get out of your property, most experts agree that these prices are more than fair and that they are likely to rise in the future. In this way, your property might not simply be a home but also an investment in the future. 

6. Lots of Diversity 

When you stroll around the neighborhood, you might be surprised by how diverse this community is, both in terms of race and age. The majority of residents are African American, but you’ll also find white or Hispanic and Latino people, or people of mixed races. Over a quarter of the households includes children under the age of 18, and almost 30 percent of the households contain just one person. Many of these single residents are in the over-65 category. With so many different people living side by side, you’ll be able to broaden your horizons and try a very wide variety of activities, foods, and locales. 
View Park real estate, while definitely in the luxury segment, is still reasonably priced, and you won’t regret moving to this beautiful, safe, and quiet neighborhood. Although the area is residential, you’ll be able to benefit from a number of local restaurants and shops as well as a large national park. Get in touch with Teresa at Teresa Mack today to speak to a local expert and find out more about purchasing your new View Park home.
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