Are you ready to sell your home? Don’t let feelings of urgency or an emotional attachment get the better of you. If they do, you might fall into one of these five mistakes people make when selling a house quickly.

Overvaluing Property

Home owners are notorious for overvaluing their property. This is not surprising or unusual. After all, they have an emotional attachment to the house itself and naturally want to to get the most out of their investment. The problem is that these feelings smack up against reality. Buyers don’t care about your history in a place, nor do they care what you paid for it. They’re looking for a good deal and want to settle on a price that reflects the real market value.

Be sure to do a thorough market analysis and price your property at a number the market will bear. If you go too high, you’ll likely end up getting even less for it in the end than if you had priced it appropriately from the outset.

Hiding Problems

It’s natural to want to hide property issues from potential buyers, especially if you have been living with them for a while and think of them as no big deal. But someone buying a new property will not be willing to put up with these kinds of issues. They’re making an expensive investment, and they want to start with a clean slate.

If you try to hide something serious, it will almost certainly come back to bite you later on. Buyers will either find the issues during inspections, or, even worse, issues could be revealed later. If that happens, you might even end up getting sued.

Not Being Willing to Haggle

You should price your home fairly at the beginning, but if you want to sell quickly, you need to allow room for some negotiations. Most buyers think the way to haggle is to start low and then meet you somewhere in the middle. If you’re committed to your highest price, you likely won’t be able to sell quickly.

Your strategy should be to price your home at slightly more than you think the market worth really is and then be emotionally willing to accept something slightly lower than you’d ideally like. This gives you room to bargain and allows the buyer to feel like they’ve really gotten a deal.

Not Fixing Things Up

To sell your home quickly, it’s important that you make it look like a place people want to buy. This means clearing out the trash and clutter, removing overly personal items, and fixing any major issue that detracts from the home’s curb appeal.

Professionally staged homes can sell as much as seven times faster than homes that aren’t prepared for prospective buyers. If you’re selling a house quickly, talk to your realtor about how to stage it in a way that attracts the most buyers.

Trying to Do It Yourself

If you sell by yourself, you’ll have to be available whenever prospective buyers want to view a property or just get more information, which can be a greater time investment than you’re able to make. You will also have to fill out reams of paperwork, and even the slightest mistake could set you back by months in your sales process. While you can save money selling on your own, you may not, and you will normally pay for it in missed work and lots of stress.

Selling a House Quickly

If you need to sell your home as quickly as possible, reach out to Teresa Mack today. Teresa Mack has her pulse on the local market and can help you get through the process quickly while getting the most for your investment.

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